Market to Fight Crime with Classical Music

Yet again, classical music may prove to be a powerful weapon against crime. Or at least against teen loiterers. Last summer, I wrote about a Canadian library and a Denver McDonald’s blasting classical music to scare away rowdy teenagers. Now, another establishment has joined the battle. According to a story by Columbus TV station WBNS-10TV, a Dairy Mart will soon be playing classical music to deter criminals. The police came to the  store 74 times this year, more than any other business in the city. 56 of those calls were for disturbances or fights. The store is also a favorite loitering spot for young people who harass customers.

Police have tried for years to battle crime at the market, but nothing has worked. Store owner Mohammad Ansar is turning to classical music as a last resort, stating “I think it’s going to work that’s for sure.”

And if it doesn’t, Ansar will pull out the ultimate weapon – Hank Williams.

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2 comments on “Market to Fight Crime with Classical Music
    • That’s hilarious, Christopher! Yes, I agree. Blasting Hank Williams might scare away the loiterers AND the customers!

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