Rock Violinist David Garrett’s Scavenger Hunt for Fans

David Garrett performing Bruch Violin Concerto...

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According to TNW media, rock violinist David Garrett is launching a unique scavenger hunt for fans through the cult location-based game Geocaching. 1500 keychains featuring a 2″ x 2″ metal tag with a photo of Garrett and a unique code have been hidden across the United States and Germany. Fans can input the code on Garrett’s Facebook page to log its movements and enter a drawing for prizes from Altec Lansing including computer speakers, a docking station, a portable MP3 speaker, and headphones. The keychain can then be hidden at a new location for someone else to find.
There’s only one hitch – fans might not want to give up their hard-won find. According to user NYC Serenade on David Garrett’s forum:

Well, this is a funny thing but I don’t think it will work with David, because after finding the cache and entering the code into the form on his website you must hide it again somewhere. And this is the crux so to speak – the fans will keep the metal plate! LOL.

So good luck to those of you who join the hunt, and here’s hoping that the fans who find the keychains will be willing to pass them on!

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