Ozzy Commands You To Attend Record Store Day This Weekend

Are you ready for Record Store Day is this Saturday?  This year, Ozzy Osbourne is the ambassador and he has a little message for you.

Record Store Day is a celebration.  It’s meant to arouse diehard music lovers to visit locally run independent… umm…record stores.  Shocker.  But let’s get serious.  The music industry is moving digital, but there is still a core group of music fans that prefer the tangible music product over digital.  And I’m one of them.

Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate MP3 players like the next person.  I am a digital dude after all. But there is nothing like getting a CD or a record (yes, that thing called vinyl), admiring the artwork, reading through the lyrics and appreciating the actual disc for what it is – beautiful.  It gives me piece of mind knowing that if my computer crashes, I can still plop in that thin, plastic disc I invested in that contains the tunes I spent my cold, hard-earned cash. Plus, feeling it in my hands gives me a greater appreciation for the music I’m listening to.

Record Store Day will have some special items available to celebrate the occasion.  Check out what’s may be available in your area.  Actual product will vary from store to store, so keep that in mind.

To find a store in your area participating in Record Store Day, go here.


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