Violinist Hahn-Bin Melds Lady Gaga Style with Classical Virtuosity

I recently came across an interview with Hahn-Bin on The young violinist has been turning critics’ heads with his unique melding of classical music, performance art, and pop culture. Check out Hahn-Bin’s videos, and you’ll see formidable classical chops and outfits which would make Lady Gaga proud.

In the “Classic Young Stars” video (click here to watch) Hahn-Bin describes how, when he attended a recital at Carnegie Hall, he noticed many of the audience members were taking an expensive $100 nap. This experience helped to shape his desire to bring a new type of performance art to classical performance. He’s been doing just that with “The Five Poisons” recitals which, according to, include dancing, gestures, costume changes, and singing. Hahn-Bin says that the performance:

deals with a theme with great personal relevance: transcending the toxic emotions that swirl around us, and turning adversity to positive use. Divided into three “chapters” – “Ignorance,” “Anger and Pride” and “Desire and Jealousy”… In my role as artist in this world, I want to be the good toxin, I want to be the Botox to the wrinkles and dents in the human heart.

You can check out a recent performance by Hahn-bin at MoMA below:


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