Download Two Cent Revival’s The Devil’s in This Whiskey: A Modern Americana Folk Song

I was sent information about Brooklyn’s Two Cent Revival, the new project from Brazilian-born, Texas-raised singer/songwriter Matt Jones.  He mixes folk-tinged Americana and classic country elements with dark lyrical themes and an acoustic-focused rock band.

After taking a listen to the song “The Devil’s in This Whiskey”, I thought it was a good song and others might enjoy it as well.  It does have that old school rock, blues and folk feel.

Two Cent Revival’s debut EP, The Devil’s In This Whiskey, is scheduled for release this spring.  Produced by Alex Houton (Charlotte Sometimes, Bailey Grey), mixed by multiple Grammy Award winning engineer Brian Vibberts (Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Dave Matthews Band), and mastered by David Ives, the new five song EP features a 1971 Fender Telecaster, a late 1930’s Gibson Kalamazoo acoustic guitar, and a Kentucky mandolin to create a distinct vintage workhouse tone with a modern Americana bite.

With driving electric guitar and vintage acoustic guitar sounds, The Devil’s in This Whiskey was heavily influenced by Jones’ longing for his southern and southwestern roots. “I used to live on the bayou in Texas, where we’d drink cheap beer barefoot and hang out from late afternoon until well past sunset. I distinctly remember the smell of freshly cut grass and the whine of the mosquitoes in the summer,” he said.

Written and arranged over three months between NYC and Red Bank, NJ, Jones’ goal was to create a sound that was both musically appealing and lyrically interesting. “I wanted to be able to talk about shit on my mind, which wasn’t necessarily happy, but have it still be catchy,” he said.

“Living in New York makes me realize how much I’m partial to the vibe of Texas and Tucson,” he said. “I wanted to get out of it, but now I yearn to be back there.”

You can download “The Devil’s In This Whiskey” at the band’s BandCamp site.

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