Rage Against The Machine Guitarist Ready to Fuel Wisconsin Rage, Will It Spread?

I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.  – Thomas Jefferson

Is it possible the civil unrest in the Middle East is inspiring the nation that stands for civil liberties to remember its fundamental ability to peacefully rebel?  The US is caught up in the fervor of the Middle East.  Perhaps the sentiment and actions from abroad is spilling over onto our soil too.  The US national political machine is in turmoil and its trickling down to the state level.  I feel a national uprising to combat the Tea Party malevolence is ready to erupt, and is happening in Wisconsin is just the beginning.

The Republican Party sparked an uprising in Wisconsin last week over the fundamental right to collectively bargain. The people who represent common sense are getting tired of the group that represents the lack of reason and rationale. There is a reason why unions exist.  There is a reason why people have to look out for their own interests.  It boils down to lack of trust. People don’t trust corporate America or the government, and why should they?  When has corporate American done anything to protect its workers?

After fans pleaded for Tom Morello, the guitarist from Rage Against The Machine, to perform in Wisconsin, he has accepted posting information on his Facebook wall.  Morello will headline a concert on Monday, February 21 in Madison, WI at noon and at 5 PM. In response, fans are praising his free appearance on Monday.

We need firefighters and policemen, but we also need educators. Educators losing their collective rights are at the axis of this uprising. The best educators have a right to decent pay.  A Teacher is the chef of a child’s brain.  Teachers prepare children of tomorrow for professional life and adulthood.  Yet, the government is reducing the importance of education instead of elevating it. This shouldn’t be a call to action by Teachers, but for parents as well.

Morello, a member of the musician’s union, is fighting for more than educators rights. He is fueling the groundswell on behalf of every union the Wisconsin bill attacks, in and outside the state.

“So clearly, the issue isn’t the state budget. It’s breaking the right of working people to stand up to corporate power. That’s what they want to do, and that’s what we’re not going to let them do,” Morello said in an interview with the Huffington Post.

This battle may very well mimic what happens in Washington D.C. later this year.  There is a battle over the federal budget for the remainder of this year and 2012.  Yes, there is a national fiscal problem.  Yes, we have to address. And no, the answer is not stripping away rights and freedoms.  Right now, the problem is politicians – all of them – looking out for their own interests versus protecting the rights of people. It’s ok to give corporate American tax breaks, but turn around and stick it to the people that keep the financial engines churning day in and out.

Tunisia and Egypt are reminders that democracy requires civic participation. The Wisconsin Governor better wake up because the Rage is coming. Other Republican leaders at the state and national level need to pay attention.

Morello received a letter from one of the principle organizers of the protests in Cairo, Maor Eletrebi.  Morello called Madison the next Cairo.

“I wish you could see firsthand the change we have made here,” read Eletrebi’s e-mail, which Morello read to The Huffington Post. “Justice is beautiful, but justice is never free. The beauty of Tahrir Square you can have everywhere, on any corner, in any city, or in your heart. So hold on tightly and don’t let go. … Breathe deep, Wisconsin, because justice is in the air. And may the spirit of Tahrir Square be in every beating heart in Madison today.”

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