Devin Townsend Including Orchestra On New Project

Devin Townsend is a bit of an acquired taste, primarily because he strays from the typical realms of music. Labeling Townsend an an experimenter only provides part of the picture and doesn’t do him any justice.

Townsend is currently working on a double record, Ghost, scheduled for release later this year.  As most readers know, we often try to highlight how musicians blend the orchestral with heavy metal.  Musicians like Townsend continue to blur the lines between art and popular music. These mashups

Some of the video is a bit trippy, but the snippets with the orchestra are quite cool.  All in all, this sounds like an amazing album in the making.

FYI: One of the song titles is a little on the risque side, but the video doesn’t include any objectionable material.

(Via Metal Underground)

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