Overkill Frontman’s Happy Marriage between Heavy Metal and Chocolate

A delicious post on noisecreep.com reveals that Overkill singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth runs a chocolate shop with his Dutch wife, Annette. Located in Nyack, NY, Chocolaterie takes its name from the Dutch word for chocolate shop. On their website, Annette states that:

I have always been a true “chocoholic” and was spoiled by the fine chocolates of my area. A few years ago, I married an American man and decided to move to the United States. One thing I truly missed from my homeland, the chocolate! So we decided to open up a European Chocolate Shoppe in Newton, NJ and soon thereafter in Nyack, NY…Most products are imported from Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and we also have fine domestic chocolates.

Ellsworth shares that in honor of Valentine’s Day, Chocolaterie is offering a Blitz Picz box which is, “filled with my favorite obsessions, and we offer traditional heart-shaped boxes and trendy Valentine’s gifts.”

Chocolaterie is located at 6 S. Broadway, Nyack, New York. Ellsworth will be at the store all day on February 12.

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