Animals as Leaders Guitarist Does Serious Guitar Tapping

If you haven’t heard of Animals as Leaders, then allow me to introduce you to an amazing progressive metal band.  I learned about Animals as Leaders about a year ago when Viola heard about them and forwarded me link to check out. My initial reaction was “wow” these guys have some serious chops.

I bought the album in a post Christmas sale at record store.  After I hearing the album, I was blown away by the sophisticated music.  What makes Animals as Leaders different from the pack is they have no vocalist.  The band’s music is all instrumental.  And the ability to maintain my attention with strictly instrumental music is quite a feat.  I enjoy instrumental rock and metal, but some of it just gets to dry.  That isn’t the case with this band.

After catching up on some music blog surfing, because I am seriously behind thanks to work, life and a lot of other writing, I learned the band had released a video for the song “CAFO” off of the self-titled debut album.  Here it is…

In the video, there are some pretty interesting close-ups on Tosin Abasi, the guitarist. After surfing a little more Animal as Leaders videos, I stumbled on a video masterclass of Abasi talking about his tapping technique.  For guitar junkies out there, after watching this you’ll want an eight-string guitar, a metronome and some serious practice time. From my recollection, there aren’t too many guitarists that can tap like Abasi.  Only Steve Vai and (maybe) Joe Satriani come to mind.

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