Facebook Within Temptation’s New Song To Be Included in Special Edition Album

Within TemptationFacebook and music go together.  It’s just one of the things we love to share with each other on the platform, amongst many other things.  So it makes sense that musicians continue to explore ways to leverage the platform.

On Wednesday December 15th, Within Temptation will reveal the first song from their upcoming concept album The Unforgiving, which hits stores March 2011.  The track, titled “Where Is The Edge,” will be launched on the band’s website and will coincide with the launch of a video featuring the track.

The video will contain exclusive preview scenes taken from the upcoming movie Me & Mr. Jones, directed by Oscar-winning Dutch director Paul Ruven. The movie is a thriller inspired by the disappearance of Natalee Holloway on Aruba, the island where also the movie itself has been secretly shot.

Fans who share the video on their Facebook profile using an application on the Within Temptation Facebook page will have their names included in the special edition of the album.

When speaking about the track, Within Temptation revealed:

“The song ‘Where Is The Edge’ is based on the story of The Unforgiving, a graphic novel written by Steven O’Connell. However there is a clear link between the storyline of our new concept album and the thriller Me & Mr. Jones as they both deal with mystery, murder, guilt, and a lack of forgiveness.”

For more information, visit the Within Temptation blog.

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