Get Mobile With Rhythms in Rhythm Racer 2

If you like playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band, then you might want to checkout Rhythm Racer 2 (RR2) for iPhone and iPod Touch and Rhythm Racer 2 HD for iPad.  Fortunately, a version for Android is in the oven tentatively scheduled for release in January.  As a new Droider, I am curious to check the game out.  It could be a great game to to play while on the go.

In the past I’ve held reservations regarding music games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band.  But that was before my niece was given Rock Band last year and I was basically forced to play her.  And the good Uncle I am, or at least try to be, I played with my niece jamming on guitar or drums.  So I’ve adjusted what I think, but still believe that learning to play a real instrument is a better way to go.

Rhythm Racer 2 mixes songs by platinum artists with futuristic environments in which gamers navigate a jet-propelled ship with a goal of keeping the music playing by hitting all of the ‘Power Spheres’ along the way.  Rhythm Racer 2 features free songs by Parry Gripp, Ordinary Peoples and Kill the Alarm and premium songs from bands such as The Crystal Method, All American Rejects, Boston and Filter in the form of two-song ‘song-packs’ available for a small fee ($0.99). With continual releases of song-packs, Rhythm racer fans can expect upcoming song-packs to include music by bands such as OK Go and The Kaiser Chiefs.

The app uses OpenFeint (mobile social network for gamers with over 40 million registered users) for easy tracking of global and local high scores, as well as the ability to post scores and achievements to social networks.

For emerging artists, this game presents a new opportunity to help build a fan base.  The game developer is searching for new artists to feature, from the sounds of it.  Artists and Managers can contact Erik Gillberg ( to learn more about potential opportunities.

Rhythm Racer 2 and Rhythm Racer 2 HD features include:

  • 5 free songs
  • 8 premium songs ($.99 for a 2 song pack)
  • Multiple difficulty levels: Practice (Easy), Pro (Medium), Master (Hard)
  • OpenFeint integration for chat, playing against friends
  • Global leader boards – see how you score against everyone
  • Social leader boards – see how you score against your friends
  • Continual premium and free new releases

Rhythm Racer 2 and Rhythm Racer 2 HD include the following songs in the game.

Free Songs include:

  • Fire Away by Kill The Alarm
  • Hold My Breath by the Juliet Dagger
  • Hydraulic by King Atom
  • Asteroid by Parry Grip
  • I Quit by Ordinary Peoples

Premium Songs include:

  • All-American Rejects Pack | Swing Swing & Move Along by All-American Rejects
  • The Prodigy Pack  | Omen and Poison by The Prodigy
  • Classic Rock Pack | Free Ride by Edgar Winter & Smokin’ by Boston
  • Alternative Pack | Weapons of Mass Distortion by The Crystal Method & The Take by Filter

The Rhythm Racer 2 and Rhythm Racer 2 HD apps are available for free at:

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