“Italian Tenor” Vittorio Grigolo’s GMA Performance Cut Short by Giannoulias Political Commercial

I was pleasantly surprised when I turned on Good Morning America today to hear the lovely voice of Vittorio Grigolo. The opera star appeared on GMA to promote his new album, The Italian Tenor (released on October 5), and his debut performance in a production of La Bohème at The Metropolitan Opera. Just as he was about to sing his final note, the broadcast cut away to a commercial for Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias. Talk about bad timing. I’m sick enough of political ads as it is, and to have such a gorgeous performance cut off by another commercial? Let’s just say that I shouted some not so nice words at the television. Of course, I’m well aware that TV programs have a finite amount of time. Grigolo’s performance must have been running longer than expected, and the television powers-that-be had no choice but to cut him off. I was hoping to find a video of Grigolo’s performance on the GMA website, but they only have footage of his interview. So instead, here’s a video of the official trailer for Grigolo’s new album:

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