Katatonia Apologizes For Rough Minnesota Show Because of Robbers

Photographer Credit: Linda Åkerberg

On Friday, Viola and I had the opportunity to meet Katatonia and attend the concert here in Chicago.  In fact, I was starting to put thoughts of the evening’s show down when I received the news that Katatonia had a rough show the next day in Minnesota because gear was stolen.  This is a real shame because the band was stellar the night before in Chicago.  Leave it to assholes to ruin it for a bunch of fans interested in hearing great music from a solid band.

Two guitars, straps, and wireless transmitters were stolen from them at their stop in St. Paul on Saturday.  The band issued the following statement:

“Unfortunately tonight’s gig reached an all time low.  Two of our guitars got stolen (including our straps with wireless transmitters), obviously causing performance difficulties, frustration and anger.  Then against all odds, further technical problems kept on coming down one after another during the show.  Apologies goes out to our fans in Minnesota for having to go through this.”

What should really irritate fans, the gear stolen were the very same Mayones guitars that were to be the grand prize in two Katatonia giveaways that were launched in celebration of the otherwise extremely successful headlining run on the “Night Over North America” tour.  Fans are encouraged to check Craigslist, Ebay, local pawnshops, etc. for the missing guitars, and report any suspicious activity to the band.

Katatonia will continue to forge across North America and back, as they round out the final two weeks of the tour.

According to you source, it is unclear what will happen with the sweepstakes.  As of now, the band hasn’t made a decision whether the prizes will be substituted.  Stay tuned…

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