BandPage Rolls Out YouTube Tracks Feature

A few months ago I wrote about a new, very cool Facebook application for musicians – BandPage by RootMusic.  This week a new feature was rolled out that helps to put more dough in musicians pockets. RootMusic has partnered with YouTube and integrated a method to collect royalties through the BandPage media player. In addition to creating a customized tab on Facebook that includes music downloads, videos, photos and more, BandPage is now a source of revenue. Through YouTube Tracks and YouTube’s existing partner program, musicians can collect ad revenue with each play of their songs on Facebook, changing the way artists look at the platform.

Furthermore, RootMusic has also reconfigured the app to meet the new 520 pixel specification rolled out by Facebook through an automatic update. All artists who use BandPage are given a handy-dandy short link when they register, which allows them to send fans directly to their BandPage on Facebook.

Oddly, no classical artists are using this app meaning there is definitely an opportunity here. I am sure solo artists, ensembles, orchestras and opera companies would benefit from this app.

On the other hand, rock and metal artists are using this app quite effectively.  Here is a shortlist RootMusic sent us:

  • Omari:
  • The Ghost Inside:
  • Aftercoma:
  • Alkaline Trio:
  • Suicide Silence:,
  • Bad Religion:
  • Sum 41:

For a whopping $1.99 a month for the premium version, no band can go wrong with BandPage.  To learn more, visit

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