The Grammy Foundation® Partners with Rock-N-Roll Gourmet to Help Enroll High Schools in the GRAMMY in the Schools Music Education® Programs

This fall, Rock-N-Roll Gourmet LLC, maker of Hippie Chips, will kick off a partnership with the GRAMMY Foundation® which will not only benefit the GRAMMY in the Schools® music education programs with a percentage-of-sales initiative but also help high schools to apply for the programs.

Rock-N-Roll Gourmet was founded in June 2009 by Dan and Jean Ehrlich, husband-and-wife musicians who wanted to create healthy, great-tasting snacks with colorful packaging and fun musical references. The cleverly-named Hippie Chips flavors include “Woodstock Ranch” and “White Room Cheddar”. Each bag also has a “Music Showcase” section that promotes musical artists. The chips are all-natural, low-fat (baked, with zero trans fats), non-GMO, and kosher-certified. Contrapuntist and I tried these chips a couple of months back when we saw them at our local grocery store, and we enjoyed them. Several of their products have taste of a potato chip with the texture of a very thin rice cake.

Rock-N-Roll Gourmet will promote the GRAMMY Foundation initiative at stores and also roll out “The Mother Chip,” a refurbished, open-top 1949 Crown bus that will visit public and private schools nationwide. The bus will serve as a mobile platform to help music educators apply for and enroll in the GRAMMY® Signature School programs, which recognizes and awards top US public high schools that are making an outstanding commitment to music education.

GRAMMY Signature Schools are chosen annually across the United States to receive a custom award and monetary grant to benefit their music program. Applications are online at, and the deadline to apply is October 22.

According to Rock-N-Roll Gourmet co-founder and CEO Dan Ehrlich, “Our mission is to get kids to snack healthy and become more conscious about food choices and exercise. Our love for food and music has given us a unique opportunity to reach the youth of today and inspire the next generation to be more involved in the choices they make, including the snacks they consume, while they help to save music programs across America.”

Hippie Chips are available regionally at Safeway, Whole Foods Markets, and other natural food and convenience stores, as well as secondary school and college campuses.

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