Album Review: Jace Everett – Red Revelations

Although I was raised on country music, I can’t say I am a regular listener of the genre.  I grew up in Texas, which made it difficult to avoid. Not all country music annoys me, but a great deal does.  However, there are a few exceptions I find worth giving the time of day, such as Jace Everett’s new album, Red Revelations (Red Revelations - Jace Everett).

Many will recognize Everett as the singer who kicks off True Blood during the show’s opening credits with his song, “Bad Things”.  After hearing about Everett’s new album, I couldn’t resist the temptation to check it out.  After listening to a few snippets, I bought the album and I’ve been addicted to it ever since.

Despite being classified as “country”, the songs on Red Revelations show a much broader range of music that includes blues and rockabilly. Aside from the excellent song writing, Everett’s baritone voice carries the album. Every song elicits a different character showing the range of musical influences that include Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson and Led Zeppelin. Everett uses his full vocal range to express the poetic lyrics that explore the different sides of love and lust.

The album opens with the blues-rock influenced “Possession”, with a heavy groove in the drums that is supported by the guitar and piano. “Possession” explores desire of being wanted as Everret sings, “Everybody watching you/ Walking through the door/ You don’t even notice me/ It makes me want you more.  The earth is rushing through my veins/ Moonlight on the windowpane/ Love is moving across the floor/ Surely waiting to be born.”

“Burn For You” continues with the theme of desire, but with more of a Johnny Cash-like driving guitar rhythm, which makes this song irresistible.

The slow, steamy “Damned If I Do” is as erotic as it gets on Red Revelations.  Infused with a bit of Chris Isaac, the song is about lusting for a woman.  Everett uses his lower register to capture the sensual mood singing lyrics that go: “To taste your lips/ To touch your skin/ To pull you close and dream you in/ I should let you go but I don’t know how.” Combined with a good melody and carefully placed sliding guitars, this song allows the imagination to run wild.

Other great songs that will make you tap your foot to upbeat grooves include, “One of Them”, “Little Black Dress”, and “What It Is?”

If “Bad Things” put Everett on the map, then Red Revelations will keep him on the map.  Everett exceeds expectations delivering eleven superbly written songs.  Everett is a badass dude who can churn out catchy guitar grooves and seduce the listener with great lyrics that are delivered with emotional singing.

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