Snoop Dogg Woos True Blood’s Psychic Waitress Sookie Stackhouse

There’s another guy in Bon Temps who wants to get his paws on Sookie Stackhouse, and he just might give Eric and Bill a run for their money. In a hilarious music video after last night’s True Blood episode, rap star Snoop Dogg rolled into town in his custom Cadillac to sing, “Oh Sookie”. Backed up by dancers in Merlotte’s waitress uniforms, he invites her to go to LA with him and “Do it in the daytime with the d-o-double-g”. He even invites her best friend Tara to join the party because, “I gots some real eggs for her to eat, and these eggs come along with a whole lot of cheese and grits.”

According to this article on EW, Snoop Dogg is a huge True Blood fan and would love to be on the show. You can check out the music video below:

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