Dr. Ozzy Osbourne, Healthcare Expert?

If I hadn’t heard it on NPR, I would’ve never believed it. London magazine The Sunday Times has appointed Ozzy Osbourne as their newest health advice columnist. When Ozzy was first approached, he thought the magazine editors, “were taking the piss.” After careful consideration, he realized it wasn’t such a crazy idea. “I’ve seen literally thousands of doctors over my lifetime… to the point where I sometimes think I know more about being a doctor than doctors do.”

Ozzy has lived a pretty wild life, but he says, “I’m a different person now: I keep fit, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t get high – or at least not on anything but endorphins. Now I take drugs only for real things, such as high cholesterol, depression, or heartburn.”

So if you’re a metalhead in search of medical advice, now you know where to go.

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