Korn Championing Boycott Against BP And Asks All Touring Artists To Follow

For weeks the nation has watched as the Gulf has become one gigantic oil slick.  Whether it was by accident or neglect, the root cause remains unclear.  But with more images and videos released every day, it is clear the real victim is Mother Nature.  It is horrifying to see birds covered in oil, and I can only imagine how this will impact sea life.  People’s anger is intensifying.  And now musicians are sending their own message to the corrupt oil giant.

Announced today, KORN is taking a stand against BP and boycotting the company’s gasoline while on tour this summer.  None of KORN’s touring vehicles will use any BP products and the band is encouraging all other touring artists to follow in its footsteps.

“The daily images are hard to watch,” says Korn frontman Jonathan Davis. “We need to do our part to let BP know there are consequences for causing something like this. We want to send a message to corporations like BP so that they will take more preventative measures in the future.  The more costly their punishment, the more money they will spend to make sure disasters like this don’t happen again. It’s plain and simple capitalism.”

In an odd coincidence where life imitated art, Korn’s new album artwork, photography and stage set imagery reference the band’s hometown area near Bakersfield CA, where the landscape is littered with oil rigs.  In fact, Korn’s new video single highlights just how polluted the area is with oil-drilling machinery.   The video tells the story about a boy’s desire to escape the poverty-stricken area.  Davis adds, “It was one thing for us to grow up near such poverty. But the situation in the Gulf takes things to a whole new level where people’s lives and livelihoods are affected forever.”

Korn is touring to support their upcoming album, Korn III – Remember Who You Are , due out July 13, 2010. Korn will tour this summer as a headliner on the Mayhem Festival.

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