New Museum Exhibit At Nasher Features The Vinyl Record

Music geeks have an affinity for vinyl.  Yes, this is still true.  Most people may not be aware that vinyl IS making a bit of a comeback. Record Store Day this year sold more vinyl records in the past twenty years.  Since we live in the age of the iPod, youngsters may not be as familiar with the slim grooved cylindrical-like pancake that actually has music on it, probably way too analog. Over the past several years vinyl sales have steadily increased.  And now a new museum exhibit combine will combine vinyl and art.

Later this year, the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University will open an exhibit featuring artist’s art with vinyl.  “The Record” is the first museum exhibition to explore the culture of vinyl records within the history of contemporary art.

“The Record” explores the intersection between visual art and music, considering the vinyl record as a lens through which to view the world. Powerfully marked with nostalgia, linked to the search for musical and cultural authenticity, and valued for its listening quality and cover visuals, the record has long been both a significant source of inspiration and material for artistic production. Indeed, for many contemporary artists, the specter of the vinyl record looms large, taking on a power and significance that moves well beyond the medium’s traditional use, and thoroughly into a space of innovative artistic production. The exhibition will explore the impact of the medium on both art and popular culture and the ways in which the record has been manipulated, preserved and transformed through art.

The exhibition includes rarely exhibited early work and recent and newly commissioned work by 41 international and mutigenerational artists, as well as an interactive artist-and-musician-curated component.

The exhibit opens on September 2nd and continues until February 2011. For more information about the exhibit visit:

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