Alice Cooper’s Special Guest Star Is… a Methodist Pastor?

ABC’s morning news show, Good Morning America, recently held a “Living the Dream” contest, in which viewers could win the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. Methodist pastor Mark Wilkins’ dream was to meet Alice Cooper. The 49-year-old spiritual leader of the Crown Point Methodist Church in Northwest Indiana has been an Alice Cooper fan ever since the age of 13.

Wilkins was given the opportunity not only to meet Alice Cooper but also to participate in his stage show. Dressed up in zombie makeup and a lab coat, Wilkins was sprayed by fake blood as Alice Cooper was “impaled” in an iron maiden. According to Wilkins:

“This is for all those middle-aged guys who want to pretend to be 13-year-olds and never get the chance,” he said. “There’s going to be a lot of cold afternoons in my future when I’m just going to stop and smile all of a sudden, remembering this moment.”

It is refreshing to find a religious leader who realizes that a rock band’s onstage spectacle is just that – a spectacle:

“There is almost a visceral reaction to Alice Cooper, who is Christian, who’s been married for 35 years, who’s all about his family,” Wilkins said. “What folks have to understand is it’s a stage act.”

Check out Wilkins’ performance in the video below:

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