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Legendary British progressive rock band Marillion has been around since 1978, with a few changes in their lineup. They’ve influenced many of today’s progressive acts, including my favorite band, Dream Theater. Marillion is now giving music fans the opportunity to get to know their music with Crash Course, a free album-length sampler CD. Check out this link to either download a copy or have a CD sent to you by mail.

Here’s a little background info on Marillion from their website:

Marillion are used to fighting misconceptions. So let’s tear down any that you may have before we go any further. Marillion are not what you think they are. No, really, they’re not. An undisputed fact that is worth repeating. Marillion are not what you think they are. They are not a Scottish heavy metal band, archaic prog-rockers, Genesis clones or a bunch of hippies that sing about goblins. No, their brand of modern and relevant music has more in common with the likes of Massive Attack than any of the seventies prog rock bands they are usually disparagingly compared to. But hey, you knew that already. Didn’t you? In an era that can be accurately described as the musical dark ages, where the music industry is slowly being destroyed by the proliferation of saccharin and soulless boy/girl bands, Marillion are digging in, fighting back and creating contemporary music that means something. A music that draws its influences from jazz, rock, dub, country, funk and groove all melded together with the extremely personal and impassioned vocals of Steve Hogarth to create something very special indeed.

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