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These days, it seems like every time I turn on the news, I hear about school budget cuts all around the United States. As a Suzuki violin teacher, even though I do not teach in public schools, I’m concerned by continuing reductions in education funding. My teaching philosophy is inspired by Dr. Suzuki’s goal of making the world a better place through children and music. I believe that this ideal can be applied to all types of education. We can never reach this goal if we continue to chip away at the quality of our children’s schools.

Here in Chicago, we’ve had cutbacks in high school sports and in preschools (please read my previous post). In Western Missouri, the Board of Education approved a four-day school week (read about it here). And in California, the state has previously trimmed $17 million from the education budget. Gov. Schwarzenegger is proposing $2.5 billion more (read about it here).

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green made a video for to protest the situation. In the skit, Megan Fox is appointed a teacher for an overcrowded classroom. A child is serving as a janitor, and an ill student is brought into the classroom because the school nurse has been laid off.

The only way for our country to survive and prosper is to invest in our future leaders – our children. Here’s hoping that Gov. Schwarzenegger and other government officials will consider the welfare of our children before making any further budget cuts.

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