Sting and Trudie Styler speak with Katie Couric about Rainforest Foundation Concert and more

Trudie Styler and Sting spoke with Katie Couric about the the 17th Rainforest Foundation Concert that will be held tonight at Carnegie Hall for @katiecouric, a weekly online webshow at CBS The couple has advocated for the protection of the rainforests since 1989.  The couple was recently invited to go deep into the Brazilian rainforest to meet the Kayapo people and see first-hand the devastating impact logging and oil exploration had on the ecosystem.

The interview also includes discussion about the couple’s thoughts on the practice of yoga, their long marriage (married since 1992 but together for 28 years), and Sting’s opinion on reality contests like X-Factor, which American Idol judge Simon Cowell will produce in the U.S.

The first part of the interview is with Styler and Sting joins in the middle of the interview.  The following video is the complete interview.

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