Operation High Ground: Guitar Center and MusiCares Partner for Nashville Flood Relief Efforts

The Nashville flood that occurred earlier this month caused devastating damage to the music community.  Many of the musicians in Nashville experienced tremendous losses, in some cases losing all of their musical equipment.  Major media has focused on the damage caused to the Grand Ole Opry, but several more stories illustrate the totality of damage the flood caused and how it has impacted musicians across the region.

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center, home of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, was seriously damaged.  Brad Paisley is one of an estimated 1,000 musicians and business owners who house gear at Soundcheck Nashville.  The 160,000 square feet storage rental hub in an industrial park down by the Cumberland River was flooded, and according to Owner Ben Jumper the losses will be in the tens of millions.  LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban and Vince Gill are among other country music stars that have lost some or all of their musical equipment.

Guitar Center and MusiCares are combining resources to help musicians with Operation High Ground, a joint initiative designed to directly assist music people affected by the Tennessee floods.

If the Nashville floods have directly affected you and are affiliated with the music industry, then contact Guitar Center by calling 877-687-5405. Guitar Center has a dedicated team of specialists who are available to interface and advise flood victims on the best way to fix, repair or replace their musical instruments and recording gear as quickly as possible.

Professional musicians and studios can also utilize this line to be connected with Guitar Center Pro for replacement value quotations, on-site support, equipment damage evaluation, recommended replacement solutions, special leasing opportunities and general support.

Should anyone want to make donations, visit the following link: Operation High Ground.  Additional information is available at the MusiCares website.

Sources: Yahoo News and NY Times Arts Beat Blog

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