Mindslip’s Rising Up and John 5’s The Art of Malice Streaming and Worth Checking Out

In my constant pursuit for excellent new music, I recently learned about Mindslip and John 5’s new releases.  As it turns out, both new albums are available for streaming.


Mindslip is a progressive rock band based out of Jacksonville Florida, which was established in 2005 by members Matt Boucher (vocalist) and Robert Miller (lead guitar). John Smith (rhythm guitar), Taz Baker (bass guitar), and James Overstreet (drums) make up the remaining members of the quintet.

The New Review described Mindslip’s Rising Up , the quintet’s sophomore album, as a “beautiful piece of rock-art.”  Songs worth listening to include “Jade”, “The Story”, “Chasing the Clouds” and “Faceless Soldier.”  Read the site’s entire review of Rising Up here.

The entire album is available for streaming at The New Review at the following link.

John 5

John 5, the guitarist for Rob Zombie and former guitarist for Marilyn Manson, released his fifth solo album The Art of Malice today.  John 5 has an amazing resume, previously performing with Lita Ford, K.D. Lang, David Lee Roth, Meat Loaf, Salt-N-Pepa, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Considered by his peers, which includes Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Billy Sheenan as one the best guitar shredders, The Art of Malice highlights John 5’s advanced technical and musical mastery of the instrument.  Listeners will also hear John 5’s affinity for bluegrass music in some of the country-inspired songs like “J.W.” and “Steel Guitar Rag”.

This album has everything that the fans come to expect — chicken pickin’, shred, metal and Spanish guitar. The song titles vary as vignettes into John 5’s life, such as the title “J.W.” which are John 5’s initials (John William Lowery) and what his father had called him growing up. “Ya Dig” comes from working with the master or frontmen David Lee Roth and also features Billy Sheehan on bass. “That is Dave’s saying and it fits the music,” says John 5.  (Source: Blabbermouth)

The Art of Malice is available for streaming in its entirety at AOL Radio.

John 5 has an ardent love of bluegrass music and has the chops to prove it
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  1. I saw MINDSLIP sat night in Jax, FL and what a show! Why they are not on the radio stations (besides jax) is beyond me……the music is new, fresh, and ROCKS……..best to come out of Florida in quite sometime! Listen to the Music


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