“National Wanna Play Music Week 2010” Kicks off with Music Monday’s Simultaneous Concert by More Than 700,000 Students across North America

From May 3-7, NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants) is sponsoring “National Wanna Play Music Week 2010“. The event hopes to focus the nation’s attention on the joys of making music and inspire people to learn how to play an instrument. NAMM will feature a different musical theme each day of the week.

The week kicks off with the sixth annual Music Monday, a joint venture between The Coalition for Music Education in Canada and NAMM. More than 700,000 students across North America are expected to participate. This event aims to encourage individuals who have always wanted to play an instrument to make music and heighten the public’s awareness about how playing music enriches lives. Many schools, along with community and professional organizations, will perform one piece of music at the same time – 10 AM PST, 11 AM MST, 12 PM CST, 1 PM EST, 2 PM AST, or 2:30 PM NST. This year, the song is “Sing! Sing!” by award-winning Canadian artist, Serena Ryder. According to the website:

The performance is intended to transcend all genres and unite people through the melody and the act of performing the piece at the same time. The idea is that if one were to open the front door of his or her home and stand on the street on the first Monday in May, one would hear music and the skies would be filled with melody.

Music Monday participants can follow the Wanna Play by NAMM page on Facebook to stay updated and to share Music Monday videos and stories.

Tech Music Tuesday will celebrate musical innovations and feature impromptu “flash jam” sessions, where strangers will join together all around the US and Canada to play the classic song, “Twist and Shout”. Videos of the jams will be available on NAMM’s YouTube channel.

Wednesday will feature an announcement of the Best Communities for Music Education, which honors schools and communities who have successfully integrated music into education. Thursday will highlight a list of “Unexpected Celebrity Musicians”, which includes a variety of celebrities who most people may be surprised to learn are accomplished players. Friday will honor local community music stores and encourage non-musicians to visit them in order to take the first steps towards learning how to play an instrument.

People who would like to see how they might look playing an instrument can upload a picture of themselves into Orianthi‘s hit video for the song, “According to You”.

To watch more about check out Canada’s Music Monday, check out the YouTube video below:

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