James Labrie From Dream Theater Enters Studio For Solo Album

Best known as Dream Theater’s frontman, James Labrie posted an update yesterday announcing he about to enter the studio to record vocal parts of his upcoming solo album, currently untitled.

Labrie posted the following on his message board,

Hey Everyone,

Very cool words being said and the chat just never seems to end…
Wanted to give you all the heads up. I begin vocals in the studio next Monday/ 26th. for the follow up to EOP. This album kicks nuclear ass, I can’t wait to hear the feedback on this one.
I will keep you all in the loop throughout the vocal process. Can’t wait to get behind the mic and blow it up.
Take care everyone and stay well.


I thought his last album, Elements of Persuasion, kicked nuclear ass.  If his upcoming album is anything like the previous one, then fans have plenty to look forward to.

If you haven’t yet listened to EOP, now is your chance.

Elements Of Persuasion – James…
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