Musicians Can Spruce Up Facebook Pages with BandPage Plus

Facebook has emerged as the go to network for all sorts of brands. The majority of applications built to support branded Pages are geared towards consumer packaged goods.  Now, musicians have a new application to leverage.

BandPage is a new application that launched last month that offers musicians a free and a paid product.  The basic, free version allows bands to include a bio, contact information, gigs, photos, and Twitter feed.  Most importantly, bands can use Soundcloud to upload their music making it available for streaming on Facebook. Soundcloud has existed on its own for some time, but hasn’t been utilized to its fullest potential.  Now that bands can integrate music using the Soundcloud technology makes BandPage a powerful tool that all musicians should take advantage of.

The paid version, BandPage Plus, adds the ability to spruce up the Facebook Page by making it easy to change the background, banner and text colors for a measly 1.99 per month.  Some of the bands using the technology are Jason Mraz, The ProdigyO.A.R. and Diplo.

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