It Is Time For Arts Advocates To Rally For Arts Education, Arts Advocacy Day 2010 Approaches

Education in the US is diluted.  Every week I hear something new about arts education cuts.  Basta! Yes, I’ve broken out the latino mojo because I am pissed off.  I pissed because politicians believe they know more than teachers – a lie.  Aren’t you tired of the political riff-raff preventing good teachers from expanding children’s minds through music, arts, dance, and theater?

Now, we have the opportunity to voice our discontent.  Tuesday, April 13th marks the 23rd annual Arts Advocacy Day.  While arts advocates speak with government officials, here is what you can do – tweet.  Anyone with a Twitter account can tweet using the hashtag #arts.  Commit to tweeting for the arts by visiting and help recruit others now.

You don’t have a twitter account?  Then tell your friends, family, and colleagues about the day.  Facebook it.  Use LinkedIn.  Use whatever method that is most desirable to communicate the importance for the arts to be part of every student’s curriculum.

Music saved my life as a teen, so I know firsthand how the arts can steer a kid’s life in the right direction.  You can read what I previously wrote at the following link.  I firmly believe I would be in prison or dead if it hadn’t been for my devotion to music.  I was lucky that I had a guitar program as part of my high school curriculum.  Little did my teacher, Nestor Arzola, know he kept me moving in the right direction.

For more information about Arts Advocacy Day, visit  Also, don’t for get to subscribe to the organization’s blog.

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