Megadeth’s New Music Video, “The Right To Go Insane”

Megadeth’s new video is based on a true story.  On May 17, 1995, Shawn Nelson, an unemployed plumber who had served in the military, stole a 63-ton military tank from a National Guard armory and used it to rampage through neighborhoods, flattening utility poles, fire hydrants and cars before getting stuck on a road divider.  Police officers were forced to gun him down.

The video retells the story Mustaine-style.  The video shows Mustaine breaking into a military facility and stealing an M-60 Abram’s tank with a sunroof.

The video also includes Dave Ellefson, the first one since 2000’s “Breadline.” Ellefson recently rejoined Megadeth for the Rust in Peace 20th anniversary tour.

The Right to Go Insane‘ is the first Megadeth video to feature bassist Dave Ellefson since 2000’s ‘Breadline.’ In 2002, Ellefson left the band and only recently returned for the band’s ‘Rust in Peace’ 20th anniversary tour.

I am unable to embed the video here.  Noisecreep exclusively released the video, so this link will take you to it.   Enjoy.

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