Hail The Villain Launch Comic Book Interactive Website To Launch New Album

You are about to be Villain-ized.  Go ahead, visit the Hail The Villain website and enter a whole new world created by the band.  Music marketers talk about the necessity of bands to brand themselves.  This band has just upped the ante.  The Hail the Villain website has created an entire experience for fans and visitors that transcends the music.  According to Hail The Villain singer Bryan Crouch, “It truly brings our fans into our Universe and allows us to have direct communication with them through our video channels, and the Book of Souls.”

Here is a bit from the press release:

The band isn’t satisfied with just writing songs, making an album and going out on tour. They want to create an entire Hail The Villain universe that includes not only the music, but a dynamic live show, animated videos, a comic book and their unique website.

Designed and built by RUNE Entertainment and GRAND Creative Studios, the website opens with the story of family man and steel factory worker Drake Carter ending his affair with seductive co-worker Thea Landa. This sparks a chain of events that leads to Drake’s murder at the hands of his former lover and secret Villain as she moves to claim his soul.

The artistry of the website resembles a comic book.  After going through the website, the key in navigating around it is to move your mouse everywhere and look for the pointer to change.

Taking the point-and-click concept to a whole new level, HailTheVillain.com presents a series of artfully illustrated environments to explore, with clues and hints, character bios and Easter eggs hidden at every turn. Numbers scrawled in matchbooks unlock audio content when punched into a phone booth, while a map hidden in the glove compartment foreshadows a darker plot twist that will be revealed in one of the upcoming comics.

To drive audience participation, users are invited to activate their webcam at the start of the experience. As they journey through the site, visitors will uncover various opportunities to upload and modify pictures of themselves, record and share videos with the band and other fans, and stumble across several other surprises.

The website was created to support the launch of the band’s debut album, Population: Declining, scheduled for release on June 8th from Roadrunner Records.  If you’d like to listen to the new album, I will give you a hint.  You have to unlock the album for streaming in the “interactive” panel of the storyline. I’ve also managed to find wallpapers for computers and phones on a different panel.

Hail The Villain will hit the road opening for Sevendust later this month.  Details are available on the band’s website.

Let us know what you find.

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  1. There’s also a PDF of lyrics that you can find to download 😛

    Amazing website that’s for sure, great article here!

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