Korn Joins The Roadrunner Records Family

Roadrunner Records is on a role lately having signed some of the best metal acts to its roster. Announced this morning, the multi-platinum, genre-defining hard rock band Korn has officially signed to the label.  Korn is with good company since Rob Zombie, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Opeth, Ratt and more are also members of the Roadrunner Records family.  Produced by Ross Robinson, Korn III – Remember Who You Are, the band’s ninth album, will be the first album released by Roadrunner this summer.

“We called this record Korn III – Remember Who You Are because it really feels like a return to that attitude we had on the first two records,” bassist Fieldy said. “And when it came to putting this record out, we could not think of anyone better to help us than Roadrunner, the only label that even understands rock music anymore.”

Korn will spend the summer headlining the third annual Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. They will also embark on a South American run, as well as headline the Jagermeister Music Tour in America beforehand.

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