Serj Tankian Talks about Elect The Dead Symphony

Metal bands using a symphony orchestra to support their music is nothing new.  Queensryche used on one in their 1990’s hit “Silent Lucidity”, Metallica performed with the San Francisco Smyphony for S&M , and Dream Theater used an orchestra on their live album, Score.

The difference with the above examples and the recent release of the Serj Tankian’s Elect the Dead Symphony is that the symphony orchestra was used instead of a band.  Tankian took the 2007 studio version of Elect The Dead and completely rearranged the music for symphony orchestra.  The live recording features the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra from New Zealand.

The new arrangements really illustrate Tankian’s musical prowess by using the orchestra effectively to support his vocals.

In a recent interview, Serj Tankian spoke with JuiceTV about the new live CD/DVD, Axis of Justice, a non-profit cofounded with Tom Morrello from Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave, and hinted at System of a Down reunion.

The following is a video of “Empty Walls” from the live performance.

Elect the Dead Symphony was released on March 9th.

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