The Connection US Soldiers Have With Music in Iraq

“You have to become inhuman to do inhuman things” ~ US Soldier

This is a quote from an US Soldier who fought in Iraq that captured my attention during the beginning of a presentation and discussion about the connection between music and the Iraq war.   War causes people to do horrible things.  Soldiers find ways to mentally prepare for the task at hand which often leads to bloodshed and other “inhuman things” during a mission.  Music has the ability to stir emotions in ways that nothing else can, which  fortunately or unfortunately, depending how you look at it, helps to mentally prepare soldiers.

The following is an interesting video from Fora.TV that features Alex Ross, music critic of The New Yorker and author of The Rest is Noise, Jonathan Pieslak, a music theorist and composer, Colby Buzzell, an army specialist, blogger and author of My War, and Jason Sagebiel, guitarist, composer, and author of The Iraqi Book.

The video is a little lengthy.  At 27 minutes into the video, Buzzell discusses how heavy metal and rap affected him during his time as a soldier, an interesting segment.

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