New Education Reform Bill Weak On Arts

Last week, the Obama administration sent a plan to reform education in the US to Congress.  In cased you’ve been lost in a cave or something, the country is just recovering from healthcare reform after it passed last night.  Now, we have to brace ourselves for another major congressional fight?  I hope not.

However, I scanned through the plan because I was curious and even did a brief search for what the administration proposed as it related to arts and music education.  Sadly, there is not one single mention of “music” and only four mentions of “arts” in the entire proposal.  I consider this pretty pathetic.

Richard Kessler, who regularly writes about arts education, has a nice breakdown of how this package could impact schools and education.  Kessler also provides a whole host of links that provide more commentary.  You can review what he has to say at the following link.

As the House and the Senate begin debating this legislation that both political parties will kindly act more mature and stop acting like they are in 1st grade.  I think my ten year old niece has more maturity than these fools pretending to argue for our own interests.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to review the bill, you can take a look at it below.

d e p a r t m

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