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YouTube recently unveiled its new music partnership program at SXSW.  YouTube has helped launch a few music careers over the years.  Now, if you are a musician or are in a band with access to a camera, then you just might qualify for the program.  YouTube has created a dedicated channel,  As of right now, the “Musicians Wanted” channel already has over 1800 subscribers with almost 25,000 views.  You can bank this will sky rocket over the next few weeks.

The following is the program’s promotional video:

According to the YouTube blog, the partnership is limited to musicians in the US.  Here is a little more:

We’ve also got a few words from our most recent YPP Music partner. You may have heard of them – they’re a little band with a viral hit or two and recently made headlines by starting their own indie label. As OK Go’s Damian Kulash puts it “YouTube has always been a great match for OK Go – creativity flourishes and we can connect directly with our fans. So when we heard about Musicians Wanted, it was a no-brainer: it sounds great for us. We’re honored and excited to be the first applicants. We can’t wait to get new videos up on our channel.”

So whether you make hip-hop, folk, noise-rock, jazz or a genre of your own invention, we are looking for all types of original music video content. One thing to keep in mind is that right now this program only supports video content by U.S.-based artists, though there are plans to roll out the program more widely in the future.

For the full story, visit the YouTube blog.  If you are interested in applying, then visit the Partnership Program page on

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