Some David Russell (Classical Guitarist) Playing Celtic Music For St. Patrick’s Day

Let me begin by saying flat out, David Russell is a bad ass.  If you haven’t heard of David Russell, well you should know about him.  David Russell is one the best classical guitarists of today. Period.  You can ask any serious classical guitarist, and I am confident that Russell would be included as a favorite for many.

I own several of his albums Russell has released in recent years, but one of my favorites is his Celtic music album, Message of the Sea .  Considering today is St. Patrick’s Day, it seems fitting to share some videos of Russell performing some of the pieces included on the album.

For the record, I had the pleasure of meeting him during my Cleveland Institute of Music days.  I had the opportunity to perform for him during a master class, nerve racking, on a visit to the school for a CIM guitar festival.   After he gave a concert, the classical guitar crew from CIM all went out for a late dinner with Russell. We also hung out with Antigoni Goni, another awesome classical guitarist.  It was a very memorable experience.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Russel performing “The Bucks of Oranmore”

Russel performing “Spatter the Dew”

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