Madder Morten Release New Music Video, “Where Dream and Day Collide”

Madder Mortem is releasing a collection of new songs with its new EP, Where Dream and Day Collide, due out this May on Peaceville Records.  The EP contains three brand new songs from the Madder’s warped imaginations, along with the single and album versions of the title track, taken from the 2009 release, Eight Ways.

The track listing for the new EP  is…

  1. Where Dream and Day Collide (single edit version)
  2. Jitterheart
  3. The Purest Strain
  4. Quietude
  5. Where Dream and Day Collide (album version)

To help promote the new EP, a new video for the title track has been released.  Artwork appears courtesy of Christian Ruud, who, along with Kim Holm and the people at Toxic, are also responsible for the breathtaking visuals on the suitably mysterious ‘Where Dream and Day Collide’ music video.

The video has some pretty amazing artwork to go along with an interesting song.

Madder Mortem – Where Dream and Day Collide (from Eight Ways) from Peaceville Records on Vimeo.

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