Slash Offers Glimpse Into Upcoming Album With New Single, “By The Sword”

When I heard that Slash was coming out with a new album, I must admit, I was  pretty excited.  Now, with help from Spinner, Slash has released the first single, “By the Sword”, from his upcoming album.  OK, that isn’t entirely true.  There are few bootleg videos with Slash and company performing the song.  However, now it is officially being released.  The single features guest vocalist, Andrew Stockdale, from Wolfmother.

From Spinner:

“‘By the Sword’ is a favorite of mine off the album,” Slash tells Spinner. “I really enjoyed meeting and working with Andrew Stockdale. It was a solid collaborative effort and his voice is fantastic.”

When Stockdale jammed with Slash at the guitarist’s November 2009 L.A. benefit for homeless kids, the two debuted the song live and Stockdale admitted before the show to Noisecreep that playing with the icon “was a little intimidating.” But you can’t tell it from this song.

“There was this invisible weight lifted off every person that came in and performed on it,” Slash says. “They didn’t have the pressure of having to deliver their next hit record, so I ended up getting amazing performances out of everybody.”

To take a listen to the track, pay a visit to Spinner.

If you’d like to watch the bootleg video I mentioned … enjoy.

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