Survivors of Tragic Great White Nightclub Fire To Gather on Anniversary

Wow.  It’s been seven years since the tragedy when more than 100 people join died while attending a Great White concert.  Tonight about 50 survivors are expected to visit the site.   The fire at the West Warwick club began when pyrotechnics from the rock band Great White ignited cheap soundproofing foam around the stage, engulfing the building in flames.

It was clearly an unnecessary tragedy that occurred.  According to reports:

Club owners Jeffrey and Michael Derderian pleaded no contest to 100 counts of involuntary manslaughter, and former Great White tour manager Daniel Biechele pleaded guilty to the same charges. Biechele and Michael Derderian served time in prison. The dozens of people and companies that were sued have agreed to settle for a combined $176 million.

Great White was trying to make a “comeback,” although the band never went away, prior to the tragedy.  The band has tried moving past this day, but I can’t imagine they will be successful.  In the eighties and early nineties, the band produced some great hits, but soon after lost their musical edge.

For information, visit the Metro Desk Blog, which is part of the Boston Globe.

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