Steven Tyler Back, Aerosmith Soap Opera Over?

If you are an Aerosmith fan,  then you’ve undoubtedly been annoyed by the ongoing public soap opera surrounding Stephen Tyler.  The on again, off again antics are getting a bit old.  In a recent post, I mentioned how Aerosmith will most likely fail producing another album without the legendary rock singer.

Now, as it turns out, the brief “marital” separation is over.  Aerosmith has confirmed they are booked for the 2010 installment of the U.K.’s Download Festival but only on the condition that Tyler and only Tyler appears as the band’s frontman.

The festival, set for June 11 to June 13, will also feature an appearance by Rage Against the Machine.

As happy as I am that Tyler is returning, I can’t help but think the drama has yet another awful sequel.  I’ll eagerly anticipate reviews about the show.

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