Pappeltalks: Awesome CD Packaging

As part of my everyday duties for my job, I need to find interesting stories related to packaging design; all part of client responsibilities. On occasion, I find stories about music packaging.  I came across the following story via the Lovely Package blog.

Check out the video…  You gotta watch the whole thing though.  Two words: Frickin’ Cool!

PAPPELTALKS from vizage on Vimeo.

Here is a bit more information about the packaging:

“Uceroz is a new music brand by Ivan Palacký, a musician playing an amplified knitting machine called Dopleta 160 (180). The title “Uceroz” is an abbreviation created from two Czech words : „učesán a rozcuchán“. It consists of two editions, where „učesán“ represents a smoother kind of musical expressiveness however „rozcuchán“ tends to be more experimental.

Please visit the Lovely Package for the full story about the package.

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One comment on “Pappeltalks: Awesome CD Packaging
  1. ehh…I don’t get it. So, once opened, the packaging produces an ink stain on the front cover that may or may not leak on your clothes when handling it?

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