Pardon Me While I Get Sappy…

I am taking a moment away from my normal music blogging jibber jabber to get a little personal.  I rarely talk about personal stuff on here, but today is a special day between Viola and I.  Today marks ten years since our first date.  Normally, people don’t celebrate occasions like this; at least nothing comes to mind. Anniversaries, birthdays, etc. are more commonly celebrated.  Ten years is a long time for a relationship, especially in this day and age.  Longevity is hard to live up to when it comes to romance.

By now some of you may be wondering, what was our first date?  Like all good musicians, it was a concert.  To be more precise, it was my guitar teacher’s concert – John Holmquist’s faculty recital.  It was obligatory that I attend, for obvious reasons.  The concert was followed by to visit to the Holmquist household for a post-concert and pre-birthday celebration.  John’s b-day was a few days away.

It was during the concert that I learned Viola had an appreciation for rock/metal.  Viola did not grow up in the rock world like I did, but she did enjoy listening to the local rock stations.  At least, that is what she said in the concert.  I’ve given her several rock history lessons since our romance beginnings.  Since then, she has picked up plenty of information on her own and is now a full-blown metalhead – like me.

And with that I say…

Viola… my sweetie… thank you for ten wonderful years.  We have been through quite a bit together, and through all of it, we were each other’s pillar of support.  Thank you for your tolerance, smiles, and for so much more.  Every morning, I wake up and feel like I am the luckiest man alive.  Words can’t fully describe what you mean to me.  Here is to several more decades.  Above anything else… I love you.

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