Can Aerosmith Thrive Without Steven Tyler?

Aerosmith was one of the first rock bands I got into when I was a kid, so it is hard for me to fathom how the members of Aerosmith can produce a record without Steven Tyler.  It would be like Metallica moving on without James Hetfield, or U2 recording an album without Bono or Iron Maiden without Bruce Dickinson.   Of course, the later has happened, and let’s just say I avoided those albums by Iron Maiden.  Which leads me to my point.

Last week, band members announced they were looking for a new singer.  No matter what vocalist Joe Perry and co. find, the end result just won’t sound right.  Are there better singers out there better than Steven Tyler? Maybe.  However, Tyler has a unique vocal quality that seems impossible to replicate.  After seeing him on stage, Tyler knows how to command the audience and lead the band.  Tyler’s amazing vocals are chiseled into my brain as the ONLY Aerosmith vocalist, and I can’t believe I’m the only one who feels this way.

I will give the band some credit  because of the rock ‘n roll soap opera that played out on Twitter.  The saga came off like a stupid high school relationship than Rock  Hall of Famers going separate ways.  Regardless, band members should consider a different band name.  I would be more accepting of a side project.  Proceeding with a different identity seems like the wiser move.  I just see the next Aerosmith album as a failure, and this is before the group records a single note.

Am I wrong for thinking Aerosmith’s future dismal without Tyler?

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3 comments on “Can Aerosmith Thrive Without Steven Tyler?
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  2. I can’t imagine the Bad Boys of Rock without Steve Tyler either. They were my favorite for a LOOONNNGGG time. However, they’ve split up like little kids before (the Joe Perry Project, anyone?). Here’s to hoping they’ll choose a different name. It would ruin the name to continue with anyone but Steven Tyler on lead.

  3. No. Even though I really haven’t enjoyed an Aerosmith album since the 80’s, Aerosmith without Tyler is like boobs without nipples.

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