Steve Vai Joins Orianthi in “Highly Strung” (Video)

Few would expect the legendary guitar shredder Steve Vai to appear on a debut album, but he did.    About a year ago, Orianthi was introduced to the world at the 2009 Grammys supporting Carrie Underwood.  Since then, she has opened for Vai, released her debut album, Believe, and almost hit the performance stage with the belated Michael Jackson.   If you saw the film, This Is It, then you got a glimpse of Orianthi.

Vai and Orianthi joined forces and produced the song,” Highly Strung.”  The song sounds very influenced by Vai, while highlighting Orianthi’s guitar chops.  The duo looks like they are having a good time in the video for  the “call and answer” crafted track with a catchy melody.  “Highly Strung” is the second video from Orianthi’s new album.

Here is a “making of” video from Orianthi’s website:

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