One of the Most Amazing Classical/Metal Dream Theater Tributes You’ll Ever Hear

As a huge Dream Theater fan, I’m a proud member of the James LaBrie (lead singer) and Mike Portnoy (drummer) forums. There are several DT fans on these forums who happen to be fantastic musicians. Many of them have done covers and tributes of DT songs, but this one by French horn player Marc Papeghin is the most outstanding one I’ve ever come across. He has a gorgeous tone and amazing technical facility. From Marc’s MySpace page:

I am a crazy French Horn player from France who once had this weird idea of playing some progressive metal stuff on the horn. First attempt was a section from Dream Theater’s Dance of Eternity. I recorded a little section from it, track by track, playing over myself each time. Finally all the tracks mixed together would give the impression of a horn ensemble. I found the whole thing sounded great and unusual so I extended the section a little more and then thought it could be cool to tie it to another song from another DT album. A few months later I had this giant medley ! For some reason I then put it on the shelf for almost a year..and did a few other tributes, easier ones :p, a tribute to the awesome Neal Morse, another one to John Williams, and an arrangement of Symphony X’s Odyssey. I finally finished the DT one a few weeks ago… it wasn’t easy !! Some technical parts were almost unplayable and literally took me thousands of takes to get everything right ;-x.

Marc has also done tributes to progressive metal band Symphony X, progressive rock artist Neal Morse, and movie music composer John Williams. He also happens to be the French horn player on progressive rock supergroup Transatlantic‘s latest album, The Whirlwind. Check out Marc’s “When Dream and Horn Unite” below. It’s a fascinating combination of progressive rock played on a traditionally classical music instrument.

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