Alec Baldwin Is The Voice For New York Philharmonic

Who knew Alec Baldwin was such a classical music fan?  I sure didn’t, but I stumbled onto an interesting article from the New York Times about Baldwin serving as the official announcer of the New York Philharmonic’s weekly radio broadcasts.  At a time when major symphony orchestras are struggling for survival, could a partnership with Hollywood hotshot be the answer some orchestras are looking for?

What makes this relationship between Baldwin and the NY Phil special is that it is a genuine collaboration working for a common cause – injecting life into an ailing art form.  Baldwin has an affinity for classical music.  Here was what Baldwin told the Times:

“There’s something serious” about classical music, he said in an interview after a three-hour recording session at Avery Fisher Hall this month. “There’s something beautiful. There’s something that’s really carefully rendered, that I want to be a part of, no matter what my contribution is.”

“I’m not a member of the New York Philharmonic,” he added, searching for an analogy for his role. Then it came: “I feel like I’m the batboy on the Yankees.”

Later in the article, Baldwin shares his classical music favorites:

Asked about his favorite performances, he rattled them off: “The Solti Mahler Ninth. Any Copland with Slatkin when he was in St. Louis. I like the Mahler cycle that Tilson Thomas did.”

“I went to Tanglewood a couple of years ago and saw Levine do ‘Daphnis and Chloe,’ ” he continued. “I thought it was incredible.” He has most of Charles Dutoit’s recordings with the Montreal Symphony.

I must say, it nice to know a superstar like Baldwin is such an avid classical music aficionado and is willing make time to work with the prestigious orchestra.  Classical music has needed a voice from outside of the typical music circles.  Perhaps his participation will enlighten younger listeners and create some new fans along the way.

For the full story, visit the NY Times.

I also happened to find a clip on YouTube with Baldwin talking about his roles with the NY Phil. (About 2:30 seconds into the clip).

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