The 69 Eyes – They’re More Than Meet the, Well, You Know…

What would you call a guy who sings about sex and vampires, serves as a UNICEF ambassador, and holds a degree in analytical chemistry? You’d call him Jyrki 69, lead singer of Gothic metal band The 69 Eyes. Contrapuntist and I recently got our first taste of the Eyes when we went to their concert in Chicago last month. We had known very little about the band before the concert, but we were completely blown away. The show was amazing. They have fantastic stage presence and a wall of sound powerful enough to knock you flat on your back. If you’re interested in checking out our review, you can read it here.

We enjoyed the show so much that I bought Contrapuntist their latest album, Back in Blood, for his birthday. Although nothing can compare to the raw energy of their live show, we both love their new CD. It’s filled with quality goth-tinged heavy metal, great melodies, fun lyrics and irresistible grooves. Jyrki 69 straddles the music with his very deep voice, low growls, and high screams. They’re singing about vampires, but even if they were singing about the phonebook, I would still love their music. Here are a couple of my favorites from the album:

“Kiss Me Undead”

“Dead Girls Are Easy”

I recently came across an entertaining interview with Jyrki 69 from the Fox News Channel. The interviewer is a bit of a tool (sure, ask a guy with a degree in analytical chemistry to explain how water turns into ice). Jyrki 69 has some interesting things to say, including a unique explanation of why girls today are into vampires. Enjoy the interview:

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