Wolfgang’s Vault Releases World’s Largest Collection Of Live Concert Recordings


Wolfgang’s Vault (WV) is the world’s largest collection of live concert recordings spanning the ‘60’s – present day and rock memorabilia.  Last week, the website released cracked their vault open by making available hundreds of previously unreleased live concerts.   Concerts from music legends Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Cheap Trick, to name a few, are now available.

According to information I received:

The archive was initially conceived when serial entrepreneur Bill Sagan purchased the Bill Graham archives in 2003 from Clear Channel. Bill Graham – legendary rock impresario – responsible for both Fillmores and the mastermind behind the origin of the “music festival” in the ‘60’s – 1991, still plays a vital role in music history today.  Wolfgang’s Vault is not only responsible for the preservation and restoration of these archives but has also put record label deals in place to make these rare analog audio tapes available for download for the first time in history.

After looking a little more closely at what is available on Wolfgang’s Vault, there is all kinds of memorabilia for music fans to consume as well.  The catalog of live concerts is pretty extensive.  As you might imagine, some concerts have better sound quality than others.  However, if you are a music history buff, this might be a cool website to get lost in.

Concerts that are available can be downloaded in both high-quality 256k mp3 and lossless CD-quality FLAC format.

Here are a couple tracks to enjoy from a few of my favorite artists.

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